Hi, I'm Guillaume

It's pronounced \gi.jom\.
Nice to meet you

  • Research

    I got my background education in Politics Philosophy and Economics at the university of Kent that I refined during a Master in Communication and Strategy at Sciences-po Lille. From there I got the ability to critically assess, summarize and write on any subject.

    Later on, while working for M&CSaatchi.Gad, I had the opportunity to conduct extensive analysis on different markets such as the automotive industry, kidswear, social networks.

    I Also took part in a 3-week summer school on Social Data Science at Copenhagen University. There I learned how to mine, clean and analyse large dataframe using R.

  • Portfolio Item

    Putting a Price Tag on Football Players

    As part of a summer school in Social Data Science, we designed an algorythm to try to predict football players value using R and scrapping data from the web.
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    Portfolio Item

    Nespresso Cookbook

    At M&CSaatchi.GAD, my team and I have created an extensive workbook on the high-end gastronomy for Nespresso Teams. This experience gave me new insights on how to convey best practices and guidelines and how to empower people via internal communication material. The project was awarded a "best internal marketing project" prize in 2015.

    Portfolio Item

    The evolution of parenthood in France

    As a freelancer, I worked with ACE, a consulting firm to produce an analysis of the evolution of parenthood in France for the PEEP (one of the two biggest parental associations in France). We gathered data from multiple sources (experts, desk research and qualitative interview) and delivered a comprehensive guide to help them communicate with their ever evolving audience.

  • Ideation

    I am particularly excited by imagination and creation and I am always looking for new ways to devise new ideas. This led me to a design thinking workshop at HPI Postdam as well as a to a strategic design workshop in Aarhus. As a result, in my jobs, I use these methods to facilitate brainstorming and decision making in the team. I am familiar with design thinking tools such as persona, user journey and empathy maps.

  • Production

    I really enjoy to bring ideas alive, may that be alone or with a team, by managing the project or by creating new products, from drawing to user testing.

    To complete my skills in prototyping, I chose to enroll in Production Technology at KEA where I studied product development, industrial drawing and computer assisted drawing with solidworks and fusion360. I also had the opportunity to improve my skills in Photography, Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.

    In the last few years, I taught myself programming languages, such as HTML, javascript and CSS, and can now easily set up a simple responsive website (such as this one) using twitter bootstrap.

    I also won a few competitions by proposing a new business model to IKEA , changing the way we choose and buy materials and creating a self sutaining garden.

  • Biologigaragen

    During my stay at Copenhagen, I got involved in Biologaragen, a citizen science project promoting DIY science and experiments. I redesigned their graphic identity. Find out more here.


    As a junior designer at Idemolab , I focused on prototyping and user experience. You can find a summary of my mission in this IoT specialised consultancy here.

    Five by Five

    As a collaborator at Five by Five., I had the chance on working on several project that included UX components, including creating two open innovation challenges with SNCF and working on the future of User Experience with Transilien. More example of our work here.

  • P1 sommerfest

    As a project assistant at Visual Drugstore, I created and realised a ten meter sculpture in polysterene for P1 sommerfest in Munich. Watch it here


    With the help of Superbe , I created a new locally-produced, playful music box. You can find the prototypes of this project and more info here.


    For our first semester project at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, we decided to come up with a toy that provides a solution to a specific problem: the lack of interactions with nature for children born in the digital age. Here is the result. .

  • Client Management

    I am lucky to be extrovert and sociable, so presenting the works of my team comes naturally for me. I had the chance to be paid to do it both at FbF and M&CSaatchi.GAD. I even gave a few lectures in design and behavioral economics (two of my strong interests) at ISCOM, a communication school in Paris. You can check them if you speak french (which I do, I can also speak German and Spanish with a very French accent).

Thank you for your time. I look forward to meeting you.


15 rue Maurice Wilmotte,
1060 Saint-Gilles


+33 770179154